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Rice Specialties

Rice Specialties

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Melotti Rice "Amaro Beppino"

Price €15.00

AROMATIC AND DELICATE, WITH A UNIQUE TASTE An after-dinner drink with the aromatic flavor of Nero Beppino Rice and the digestive properties of Gentian. Gluten free 25% Vol.

Melotti Rice Distillate

Price €18.00

OBTAINED FROM THE DISTILLATION OF RICE ONLY, A UNIQUE PRODUCTThe production process, that takes place with a discontinuous bain-marie plant and copper still, is a guarantee of an extremely valuable product.Gluten free 40% vol.

Hazelnuts Cream with Rice Flour

Price €7.50

SOFT AND CREAMY HAZELNUT RICE CHOCOLATE A delicious gluten free spreadable cream produced with the Melotti rice flour. it is sweet thanks to the stevia, a natural root. Gluten free

Rice PlumCake

Price €5.70

SWEET AND SOFT RICE CAKES Soft and delicious, thanks to the rice flour. Ideal for breakfast or just for a good snack. Gluten free

Rice Starch Melotti

Price €5.00

NATURAL THICKENER, FOR SOFT AND DIGESTIBLE DOUGH Ideal for sweet and savory preparations, even gluten-free if with rice flour alone! Gluten free

Rice Vinegar Melotti

Price €4.50

FROM THE FERMENTATION OF RICE, A CONDIMENT WITH A SOFT AND BALANCED AROMAExtremely rich in beneficial properties and vitamins.Gluten Free

Rice Filled Chocolates 250 g

Price €6.50

DARK CHOCOLATES WITH A SOFT AND INTENSE FILLING OF LEMON FLAVOUR LIQUEUR. Delicious temptation to savor any moment of the day, produced with ancient artisan recipe .

Rice Malt

Price €4.50

SWEETENING SYRUP, AMBER AND SLIGHTLY AROMATIC It could be used as natural sweetener instead of honey or sugar, syrup derived from germination process of rice and barley.

Melotti Rice 'Mandorlato'

Price €4.80

THE TRADITIONAL SWEET AND CRUNCHY CHRISTMAS ALMOND Rice 'Mandorlato' presents an almond strong taste and the light crispy puffed-rice. Unique switness! Available at Christmas time only.

Nero Beppino Rice Infusion Wild Berries

Price €10.00

A COMPLETELY NATURAL DRINK WITH AN INTENSE AROMA Give yourself a moment of pleasure enjoying our Nero Beppino Rice Infusion! Rice, fruit and flowers give a pleasant and delicate taste. Gluten free

Melotti Rice Espresso

Price €6.00

THE INTENSE AROMA OF THE TOASTED RICE A light and tasty beverage produced with toasted wholegrain rice only. It does not con-tain caffeine. Gluten free

Rice Pasta "Penne" 250 g

Price €4.60

A LIGHT AND DELICATE PASTA MADE WITH RICE FLOUR ONLY. It is ideal for an excellent digestible main course thanks to the 'al bronzo' drawing. Gluten free

Rice Pasta "Penne" 500 g

Price €6.30

A LIGHT AND DELICATE PASTA MADE WITH RICE FLOUR ONLY. It is ideal for an excellent digestible main course thanks to the 'al bronzo' drawing. Gluten free

Rice "Schiacciatina"

Price €4.70

FROM THE TYPICAL MANTOVANA RECIPE, FRAGRANT AND TASTY A typical Italian oven-baked handmade salty snack prepared with rice flour and hand-stretched.

Toasted rice cheese 'La Melottina'

Price €5.90

SPICY CHEESE WITH TOASTED RICE, WITH A PLEASANT AND DELICATE TASTE Made with cow's milk, toasted and ground rice. Ideal accompanied with cold cuts, mustards, compotes or in addition to risotto.

Melotti Rice Beer

Price €4.50

A NON-PASTEURIZED LIGHT-BEER, VERY REFRESHING AND EASILY DIGESTIBLE.  It is made with artisan techniques and maintains a fresh, mild taste as well as a pleasantly scented flavor. 5% Vol.

Rice Melotti 'Offella'

Price €23.00

SWEET WITH NATURAL LEAVENING, OLD RECIPE OF VERONA  A dough made even lighter by rice flour, filled with delicious rice custard cream.  Available at Christmas time only.