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Big Cloth Box

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This pack contains

Rice PlumCake
x 1
Melotti Rice 'Mandorlato'
x 1
Vialone Nano Sundried Rice 400 g jar
x 1
Carnaroli Rice 400 g jar
x 1
Rice Pasta "Penne" 250 g
x 1
Mamma Rosetta Recipes
x 1
Nero Beppino Rice salty snack "Beppini"
x 1
Cookies Melotti with Cocoa, Coconut and dark Chocolate
x 1
NEW Rice and Mushrooms – Mix for Risotto
x 1
Cacio e Pepe Sauce
x 1
Big Cloth Box Packaging
x 1

Packaging and products may vary depending on availability.


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Gluten Free
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Big Cloth Box